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SOC102 Lecture 1 Notes

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Lorne Tepperman

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SOC102 Lecture 1 The role of social origins • Cultural capital is often acquired, which plays a part in people's life chances • Social capital has to do with who you know Rags to riches • People are likely to stay where they start (e.g., inertia) Natural inequalities • Natural inequalities such as appearance, intelligence, health, etc. • Natural differences give rise to natural inequalities Intersectionality • Different kinds of inequalities (e.g., gender, class) interact/intersect with one another to produce outcomes that cannot be predicted by simply adding together the separate factors Status inconsistency • People with status inconsistency tend to be politically radical Lives are complex, not unique • There is an assumption that people lives can be analyzed and explained Views about inequality • There is no known human society that has no inequality • There is a considerable range of inequality over history and from one culture to another The social construction of problems • Social problems (e.g., crimes, homelessness) are brought to our attention by claims-makers Natural and social inequalities (again) • Social privileges are unjust to the extent that they cannot be justified by natural inequalities (e.g., Rob Ford meeting Kate Middleton) Inequality = unjustifiable privilege • Social inequalit
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