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LECTURE TWO SOCIALIZATION 1.Feral children--Lacking of social interaction 1) Definition of Feral children: Children who grow up alone in the wilderness or are raised by wild animals. 2) Story of Victor: (From book) Aboy living in wild place; Walked on all fours, had no languages; Brought to paris and trained him to interact with others--but failed at last. This evidence shows that social interaction and intimate relations are important to development of human being. 2. Socialization 1) Definition of socialization: Socialization is the process of learning culture and becoming aware of yourself as you interact with others. Further description: a) To learn the way of life in our society and develop an identity, we undergo a process if social interaction known as socialization. Socialization is the vital link between individuals and society. b) Socialization thus makes social interaction, social organization, and social order possible. 2) Primary and Secondary socialization: (From book) A) Primary socialization: It is the crucial learning process that occurs in childhood and initiates our entry into society. B) Secondary socialization: It occurs after people have already undergone primary socialization. E.g: Learning to be a student, a spouse, a job or making new friends.... 3.Thinking sociologically (这这这这这这这这这这这这这 analysis这这这这 这 1) Example: Why men tend to have more sexual partners than women have? Data shown: Before marriage: Male: 20% have more than 1 sexual partner Female: 10% have more than 1 sexual partner Marriage: Male: 5% have more than 1 sexual partner Female: 1% have more than 1 sexual partner A) Biological analysis: Male: Sperms are plentiful; improving chances to produce genes. Female: Prod
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