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January Notes January 11 2011What is Social Inequality o Heavy oddso Winners and losers how they are and why they are o Dedicated to explaining how this social game works o Social inequality means crime sickness addiction violence and sometimes even war for society as a whole o Inequality is about hierarchical ie betterworse differences between any two people or things A and B o How could you go about rearranging thingssystematic questions with systematic answers o Variation from society from society o A purposeful attempt to ask these questionscant we do better humanitydating back to French Revolution o The disadvantages of some benefit others o How to make society better while gaining cooperation of the powerful o Everyone can do bettero The quality of being o Hierarchical relations o Measurable differences of sizewide distribution o Our personal experiences also tells us there are many natural inequalities between people o The question for sociologists is how do these natural inequalities become social inequalities and with what results o Sociologists are interested in how people invent or construct unnatural inequalities o Explanations and justifications ideologieso What is the role of ideology in creating a mindset which makes people o Why do some societies reward beauty especially in women more highly than they reward say intelligence o All inequalities at their root are the same o Inequalities combine and react o Sociologist Gerhard Lenski also showed that status consistency matters o Status inconsistency has consequences for social action that we cannot predict from the socalled dimensions of status alone o Is inequality inevitableo There is no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequals o In some circumstances inequalities are necessary o Objective and subjective social problemso Objectivecompletely measurableex The range of incomes5factor of 100empirically verifiable informationo Peoples beliefs and how they feel about inequality o Consequences of self perceptions o Inequality as viewed from the inside o Rousseaufirst person to address social inequality o Natural inequality and social inequality o He notes that society provides privileges to various peopleright to do thingswritten in lawmake official and legal the disadvantages that some have and what they do not haveanswerlooking between the natural and moral social inequalities o Social inequality have to be proportional to be justo A child gives orders to an old mano Orders to the wise not to the young o Rousseau is saying we all know when socially unequal privilege has gone too far and we reject it o Fairness and unfairness in society o Procedural justice o Is inequality really inevitable o Social Justice4 kinds o 1 There is equity or fair exchangethe equivalence of outputs to inputs for all the parties in an exchangeYou should get back something proportional to what you put in studying hardgood gradeNot equal but it is fairo 2 There is distributive justicea fair allocation of resources rights and obligations across an entire category of contenders o Distributive justice allows for the existence of inequalities of outcome so long as these are justified by inequalities of input in relative terms o Ex There are so many people who will be getting Asonly some peopleconsider it fairwhat they bring to the competitiono 3 procedural justiceguarantees that fair procedures will always be followed in making allocative decisions even if these fair procedures result in unequal outcomeso 4 Retributive Justicecompensationo Christopher Jencksoutlines how to distribute time o Democratic equalitygive exactly the same time to each student o Moralistic justiceGive attention to people who deserve it more than others o Weak Humane justiceGive more time to people from disadvantaged backgrounds because they have more to overcome
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