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February Notes February 1 2011Racial and Ethnic Inequalities o The Vertical MosaicAbout class and ethnicity o A race is a set of people with certain physical genetic features that are deemed to produce identifiable differences in appearance o An ethnic group is a set of people who consider themselves to share common characteristics that distinguish them from other groups in a societyo People would believe that capitalists would set workers against each other for his advantage o Ethnicity is like tribalism o Members of an ethnic group mainly share cultural characteristics such as religion occupation language or politics o New ethnic groups are constantly being formed as populations move between countriesespecially as they move from their country of origin to a new receiving country o Some ethnic communities purposely maintain their ethnic distinctivenessfor example proudly distinctive ethnic identities and customs o Outpourif someone decides not to be part of the community they pack up and leavewhat conditions will they stay o Chain MigrationA process in which one family member successfully migrates to an area and then other family members and even acquaintances slowly immigrate assimilationo Policy of multiculturalism undermines assimilation o An ethnic community is a bounded group of interacting peopleo Durkheim o Herodotusfather of the study of ethnic relations o Durkheim wondered what made premodern or preliterate society o This collective consciousness was based ultimately on blood and kinship o It was also based on rituals and ritual objects called totems o In tribal rites anything could serve the basis for group solidarity a bird an animal a rock o Weber noted that ethnic groups practice closure exclusion and usurpation capture to maintain themselves o The formation of ethnic consciousness and classconsciousness are similar o Ethnocultural traditions first gained their current importance in the th18 C
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