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Gender Equality

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Jan 25, 2011 SOC102 Lecture 3 - Gender Inequality Test Multiple choice Gender relations often unequal -fundamentally linked to both differentiation and domination Sex vs Gender - not interested in biological characteristics that make malefemale - interested in social expectations that people describe as masculine and feminine - social construction is the process that makes sex differences seem large or small, important or unimportant What is Domination - Max Weber - the probability that certain specific commands (or all commands) will be obeyed by a given group of persons - examples: parent-child relationships, employer-employee relationships, teacher- student - not about coercion or force - about listening to orders, deference, obedience Domination and Legitimacy - domination is a power relationship that implies voluntary compliance or obedience - people obey because they have an interest in doing so, or at least think that they have such an interest - interesting because it is by own will - usually, a belief in the legitimacy of the actions of the dominant individual or group - Weber - to understand domination we have to understand the difference between authority and force is people are obeying because they imagine a right to obedience. what creates this legitimacy? - obedience is not haphazard or brief but sustained and institutionalized - what is the legitimacy that men have for women to listen to them? - what in our culture allows men to dominate over women - institutionilized Weber on Authority - useful to examine all unequal relationships that become regularized or institutionalized - relations between men and women show attempts (by men) to routine patterns of dominance and attempts (by women) to subvert dominance
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