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SOC 102 H1, lecture 4: Race and Ethnic Relations

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Lecture 4: Race and Ethnic Relations Race and Ethnic Relations.wma Audio recording started: 6:13 PM February-01-11 Quotes: What people believe to be true is true in its consequences -W.I. Thomas Alexis deToteville (?) Im obliged to confess that I do not believe the abolition of slavery as a means to aid the racial issues of the states.... If they [blacks] cannot become the equals of rights, they will soon become their enemies Susan Sonetang I do not think white america is commited to granting quality to black negroes Albert Einstein If my theory of relativity is proven sucessful, Germany will claim me as German, and France will declare that I am a citizen of the world.... On Stereotypes: Ways of thinking about different racial and ethnic groups. They contribute to racism. Margaret Mead Children must have the opportunity to learn that within each range, some people are loathsome and some people are wonderful David Cronenburg all stereotypes turn out to be true. This is a horrifying thing about life. All those things you fought against in your youth, stereotypes become stereotypes because they are true Ricky Martin I have been a victim of stereotypes. I come from Latin America and we have been considered losers, drug traffickers and that s not good because its generalizing
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