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Social Classes

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Social Classes - Lecture 23:18 Study of inequalities began with Marx and he began with the study of the social classes Two social classes, the rich and the poor The high, the middle and the low George Orwell George Orwell Started out as a Marxist, but then turned away from it The difference, is that he is saying there are three classes, not two Binary thinks and non-binary thinkers Binary in terms of conflict Non-binary in terms of consolidation Black and while versus black, white and grey Throughout history classes always clash over power, needed recourses Marxism its not the great men who move human history, its the class struggle Communism as the end of history Karl Marx and themes Conflict, from the stand point of class analysis consensus is not the norm Capitalist society is characterized by conflict, not harmony Capitalist divides the society into two opposing classes One class owns the means of productions, 2nd class does not Humans die if they do not eat, and those who control the means of production, have control over the people who need the food The working class has only three alternatives To cooperate with capitalists To from unions and try to modify social conditions To make revolutions Anyone who has concern over justice, would not go for the first option for Marx, unions were a good half point, because they would only have the limited effect on how much control the upper class ultimately they thought revolution was the solution Marx: how to make a revolution and when to make a revolution
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