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Lecture 10

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Lorne Tepperman

Lecture 10 War and Terrorism Text Social Problems Chapter 10 Canada is an especially unwarlike nation o Canadian Forces are few little funded and equipped with old aircraft ships vehicles and weaponsCanadians only go to war when they are pushed into itwar is not merely a political act but also a real political instrument a continuation of political commerce a carrying out the same by other meansPOLITICS THE STATE AND WARFAREThe Role of the StateState set of public organizations that make and enforce decisions binding every member of society o Includes elected government civil service courts police and militaryMilitary has never played an important role in Canadian state decision making o We are likely to have difficulty mobilizing the will and the assets to wage warDecentralized leadership is less likely to be warlikeDecentralized leadership is less likely to be warlikeIdeology and ReligionIdeology A system of beliefs that explains how society is or should be any system of ideas underlying and informing political action In a Marxist sense ideological ideas justify and legitimate subordination of one group to anotherOrganized religions and religious leaders have gained more power than ththey had in much of the 20 centuryCanada is distinctive there is no state religion and no official dedication to preserving religion or religiosityWorld System TheoryWorld System Theory A conception of the modern social world that views it as comprising one interlinked entity with an international division of labour unregulated by any one political structure Developed by Immanuel Wallerstein 1976 this theory seeks to explain the uneven pace of development in the world by looking at the unequal relations between different countriesCore states USA and UK have the power to extract an exonomic surplus from the peripheryImperialism The exercise of political and economic control by one state over the territory of another often by military means Developing countries
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