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Lorne Tepperman

SOC102September 20 2011Lecture 2 Racialization Race and Ethnic Relations Text Social Problems Chapter 3Sense of Sociability Chapter 5RACE Is race a social constructionRace influences social order and inequality as long as people continue to believe it makes a differenceETHNICITY Ethnic groups are easily thought of as created by social interactionsWe create ethnic groups relationally common language folklore ritualsCulture the way of life of a society that includes dress language norms of behavior foods tools beliefs and folklore This framework of values and practices adapts to the changing sociohistorical contextEthnic identification tends to thrive when members are socially isolatedMULTICULTURALISM IN CANADA Immigrants constitute a large fraction of Canadas population Canadas Multicultural PolicyIntroduced and supported in 1971 after stormy relations between English and French speakers in CanadaProposed that bilingual framework affirmed English and French as official languages also declared ethnic pluralism as a goal worth pursuing1982Section 27 of the Constitution Actdesire to preserve and enhance the multicultural heritage of Canadians1988Multiculturalism Act became lawTraditional multiculturalism concerned with protecting the rights of individuals minority peoples through provincial human rights codesModern multiculturalism concerned with the survival of diverse cultural groupsEmployment equity gives preference to members of the specifically protected groups females minorities disabledVERTICAL MOSAIC Coined by John Porter a socioeconomic hierarchy in which French and English Canadians live at the top and other ethnic minorities are positioned belowChildren and grandchildren were unable to move up the hierarchy due to inaccessible upward mechanisms schoolsEntrance Status the occupational status a group enters when it first arrivesVertical mosaic left a stable base of labourers on which the English and French could perch Chain Migration into the MosaicChain Migration the successful migration of one family member creates a chain for the kin and community network Migration is not random but is increasingly about networks rational choices and kinship relationsInstitutional Completeness
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