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Sociology LEC 1 What is Social Inequality?  Books: The sense of sociability Social problems 101 social inequality  Life is had and its a gamble its hard to control  Its impossible to find out who wins things in life and who looses  Its about structuring the social inequality  Its a course about winners/losers and who they and y they are winner or losers  Ppl who start rich normally end that way  Life is a gamble, game of poker, played with a stacked deck  Life is not a matter of chance or luck  Sociology is dedicated to explains how social game works and the reasons ppl face heavy odds  Social inequality means crime, sickness, addiction, violence and sometimes even war for society as a whole  The dictionary defines inequality as the quality of being unequal or even  Inequality is about hierarchical)better-worse) differences between two ppl or things  How might we measure the consequences of inequality? How can we reach a conclusion?  Currently the ways things r organized benefit other ppl and don’t benefit others  The function of sociologists and sociology benefits the society as a whole  Our personal experience also tells us there are many natural inequalities between ppl ex: tall person wud be gud @ bball  Sociologists are interested in how ppl invent or construct unnatural inequalities ex: how do u no who is beautiful and who is ugly? how do other ppl feel about the answers?  Many ppl have there own diff perspectives on things  Physical Beauty  y du some societies reward beauty? Esp in women  what do ppl think about ppl who r beautiful are they considered smart? in reverse....what are the consequences of being plain looking? What do ppl say?  To explain the creation, performance and preservation of social inequalities, we need to develop some sociological concepts  If u have 2 bad qualities (having a inconsistent status) that’s worse than just having one ex: ur ugly and stupid  Each “type” of woman will have a diff experiences around discrimination in the workplace or in respect to domestic violence  What happens when inconsistency status occur? What do ppl look at most or what do they say? ex: when ur stupid but beautiful  Inconsistency status ex: beautiful and smart (both good qualities)  President Kennedy says:“life is unfair” average person will agree, some are rich when they didn’t do anything while others who work hard aren’t rich  Cuz ppl r different if we treat ppl equally they r going to react different because ppl react differently to things and want to be treated different or expect more respect or etc it will also lead to unfairness ex: two ppl, but one is blind, treating them equally wud mean not giving the blind person any special attn becuz of their disability which this = unfair to society  Objective VS Subjective Inequalities O: any equality that can be measure (statistics based on observations) S: have to do with beliefs and thoughts ppl have about their status ppls reaction to be poor, stupid etc  Jon Jac Rousseau: discusses the diff betwn natural Vs social inequality society provides privileges to certain ppl, ppl who have rights that other ppl don’t and that theyre written into law and they make it official the disadvantages and advantages certain ppl have. with these privileges it categorizes who on top and who has power of others EX: bush was given power even if he was incapable of leading or didn’t have any abilities EX: having ppl eating buffets everyday and stuffing themselves when there are ppl dnt even have bread to eat rousseau says we all no when social inequality has gone to far yet we don’t do anything to stop it  We expect society to be fair or else we get angry  According to economic liberals today, inequality is the price to be paid for dynamic economic growth under captilaism  Communist experiments collapsed around 1990 under excess bureaucracy and the wierght of social discontent  Well want to consider what inequalities are justifiable and what equalities are humanly attainable
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