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Lec 7- Regions, Nations and Empires  Northern world hemisphere high economic lvl, literacy, prosperity, gender equality, better treatment of kids etc  Southern world hemisphere is poor economically, lots of inequalities  There are relations between countries in the world and some countries have power over countries there known as core places; while other countries have dependency these are known as peripheral places  Nationalism is a way of thinking, mobilization of sentiment to have ppl think there country is better than any other country; way of thinking of the world as a whole  Einstein pretty much thinks nationalism is b.s and childish and that humanity will get ovr it  Nationalism esp the kind based in blood is a type of parochialism some ppl think of it as a civil religion becuz nationalism has a strong hold on ppl just like religions do  Nationalism is filling up the void of religion as religion goes down nationalism goes up; instead of believing in God they believe in their nation  Colonialism is the establishment by more developed countries of formal political authority over other countries  Colonialism is the same as imperialism: it is empire-building by soc called “imperial” or imperialistic states  Being a colonizer is better than being colonized- in a psychological perspective  Radicalization and orientalism are largely by products of European colonialism  Frantz fanon wrote one of the classic works about racism and colonialism book called: the wretched of the earth a book addressed to the oppressed citizens of European colonies  Racism comes from colonial enterprises  Fanon says: violence is important becuz it proves that oppressed colonials are just aas able to take action as their oppressors its only thru violence that ppl can stand up for themselves and not let ppl walk all over them  The effect of colonialism on aboriginals in cnda long lasting damage the Canadian govern effort to assimilate the aboriginal pop thru residential schooling is an ex: of Canadian racialization  Residential schooling uprooted children and made them into rootless ppl  The Canadian gvrn made the roman catholic, Anglican churches responsible for running the residential
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