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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George

Lecture 6 Victimization in Cities? - organization of space and how it is related to victimization. - Cities, we will see, are places of frequent victimization. - For homosexuals, cities may represent safety. - initially cities were considered unsafe, now they are considered safer for minority groups. Victimology - sociological study of victims of crime. - typically, victimization is greatest among the disadvantaged. characteristics associated w an increased risk of violent victimization in 2009 included: - self-identifying as homosexual - having some form of activity limitation or physical handicap - identifying as an Aboriginal person. The Victimization of Aboriginals - violent incidents were much more likely to be committed against younger Aboriginal people than they were against older counterparts. - Aboriginal people are also much more likely to be victims of homicide than non- Aboriginal people. - these high rates of victimization reflect the dangerous places many Aboriginal people live. - minority communities get lots of press. Routine Ativities Theory - police-reported crime rates in the territories were substantially higher than rates .. Hot Spots and Young People - Hot spots are places where the risk of crime is highest due to increased convergence of suitable targets and likely offenders. - other factors also influence the high rate of victimization among Aboriginals (and others). - For example, note that the Aboriginal population is young compared to the rest of Canada
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