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SOC102H1 Lecture Notes - Sex Selection, Proletarianization, Social Inequality

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Lorne Tepperman

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Lecture 3 gender inequalities
Gender selection is illegal in Canada but, couples can get around this by
going to the USA
Preferred gender for most Caucasian people seek a girl
Women used to be the second sex but now: are women equal to or better
than men?
Women were not admitted in north america uni until late 19th century
Women more numerous than men in uni programs now
Disappearance of male jobs
Many jobs men used to do have been replaced by machines or moved
Primary industry employs few and secondary is on the decline
Tertiary is booming and female friendly
Both men and women are being driven downwards by ‘lousy jobs’
Habits on inequalities theory
All societies have social inequalities which are socially constructed
Collectively imagined on basis of supposedly different attribute (gender)
Societies vary in degree and kinds of social inequality they display
Societies with wide and most extreme are most likely to display clear and
long lasting patterns…. HABITS OF INEQUALITIES
Sex versus gender
Difference between sex and gender
Sex- biological characteristics (male/female)
Gender- social expectations (masculine/feminine)
Social construction- makes sexual diff seem large/small, important/
In our society we are all forced to be the gender our sex implies
Narrative of blame: why women fail in business
Men tend to believe women are not serious about work
More concerned with family.
This is supposedly why women don’t climb corporate ladder
Research finds that this is untrue
Why women leave businesses: not valued, excluded, male dominant
environment, lack of opportunity, work/life stress
Men think women can’t handle it … only 6% of women leave because it was
too demanding
Men think women lack self confidence… this is b/c women will ask more
Role of gender intelligence
Women exec think men exclude them
Men only seem more exclusionary… men don’t think of situations in the level
of detail women do
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