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Lorne Tepperman

Sept 11 lecture (1) Introduction to Social inequalities (lecture 1) Inequality- quality of being uneven or unequal Social inequality- hierarchical differences (better or worse) between any two people -causes crime, sickness, violence, addiction Natural inequality- quality that cannot be changed Habits of inequality theory -all societies display social inequalities of varying kinds (class, gender, age race) -socially constructed w mind of a supposedly important natural difference Societies vary in social inequalities -Scandinavian countries show least inequality -less developed countries and US show most inequality -societies w widest variety and intensity of inequality are most likely to develop clear and long-lasting patterns of inequality habit Correlates of the Inequality habit (related to cultural patterns) -traditionalism -religiosity -militarism -parochialism The Cultural Habits (SNPNS) -all types of social inequality display similar patterns that include SNPNS Social differentiation -practice of identifying people who are assumed to be different -transformation of natural differencessocial differences Narratives of blame -made-up accounts that attach SOCIAL or MORAL qualities to explain why advantaged people are the way they are -world is just in rewards and punishments (Just world theory) Practices of oppression -variety of economic and non-economic behaviours (exploitation, domination, exclusion, discrimination, stigmatization) Narratives of validation -attach different social + moral qualities to groups in society AS A RESPONSE TO NARRATIVE OF BLAME -hold advantaged people responsible for creating bad social conditions Sept 11 lecture (2) Strategies of resistance -collective actions that combat PRACTICES OF OPPRESSION, reduce inequality, or improve the effects eg. Consciousness-raising activities, legal challenges to oppressions, through the courts >continuous struggle -narratives of blame vs. validation -practices of oppression vs. strategies or resistance *one form of inequality will influence and energize the struggles over another form Two aspects of inequality 1) objective and subjective objecti
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