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University of Toronto St. George
Lorne Tepperman

Saya Man Luo University of Toronto October 30 SOC102 Lecture 7: Colonialism and the Wealth Nations Saya Man Luo University of Toronto Question: what is the relationship between these debtors and creditors? E.g., what is the relation between the Greek government and German banks? /Greece and Spain? /German and French banks? Today, we will discuss several aspects of social inequality linked to colonization. Discussing colonization means also discussing: Differentiation (as with Orientalism) Exploitation (as with class relations) Domination (as with race and ethnic relations) Victimization (as with sexual orientation) Some important definitions: Regions: Mainly geographical, economics and ecological units Often share common ecology and common lifestyle and culture Nations Mainly political units, and often coincide with state Sometimes within a society, nation is separate from state, e.g., Quebec as French-speaking nation within Canada Empires Collections of dominated stated and regions Use a range of approaches to managing colonies E.g., military, economic, and ideological (religion and culture) The historic role of colonialism (in Canada and elsewhere) Colonization opens new territories to exploitation In time, new nation-states may arise However, they may not have a national identity and unity Nations often require nationalism to achieve national unity Nationalism- an emphasis on the nation-state above all else Implies strong feelings of connection with the nation Nationalism stresses. The superiority of the nation-state over other forms of rule The importance of national loyalty in legitimating political power and citizenship Ethnic nationalism: The most extreme version Ethnic nationalism is based on the idea of a birthplace as a motherland or fatherland Citizenship is held to be an inherited characteristic a matter of bloodSaya Man Luo University of Toronto People are born into a particular nationality This place of birth shapes their interests, sentiments, and attachment to a particular nation Nationalism: a form of parochialism? Some writes suggest that nationalism is a modern religion o Like what some sociologists have called a civil region What do we mean by religion and how can nationalism be like a religion: both have Rituals and ceremonies Ritual objects Deep emotional attachment A sense of share fate A sense of meaning through belief Religious nationalisms As well, there are specifically religious nationalisms, associated mainly with Islam and Judaism (e.g., Iran, Israel) Religious nationalisms are also evident in the recent histories of Poland and Ireland o Here, Roman Catholicism has formed a central element in the national
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