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Sexuality Lecture

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Lorne Tepperman

Oct 23 lecture (1) Cities and minorities: The case of gays and lesbians (lecture 6) -habits of inequality theory -inequalities are socially constructed & collectively imagined on the basis of a supposedly important natural difference -social differentiation: heterosexual vs. homosexual Gays and lesbians have their own parts of town -institutional completeness -generalized knowledge of what places to go -very small (only 1-2%) in comparison to other inequalities like ethnic, classes, age groups -therefore it is particularly vulnerable to attack and victimize Homophobia -not a phobia, but a learned subcultural attitude -an irrational fear, and a form of defense mechanism 3 elements of homophobia (Herek) 1) Heterosexism- a cultural ideology that favours cross-sexual behaviour 2) sexual stigma- negative labeling of people who practice any non-heterosexual behaviour 3) sexual prejudice-negative expectations and discrimination based on sexual orientation 4 causes of homophobia 1) lack of openness to human diversity 2) lack of openness to sexual diversity 3) lack of familiarity with homosexuals 4) membership in a homophobic culture Alfred Kinsey -human sexual orientation lies on a continuum (fixed and binary) -attitudes and feelings towards the same sex are common -people’s location on the continuum is not permanent -Marx’s growth of class consciousness- when a bunch of similar people come together, they
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