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Introduction to Sociology

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Adam Green

Topic 1 J Introduction (Week 1 lecture + NS Chp1 + SIQ1,2,3) Sociology: the systematic study of human behavior in social context. Origin: the concept is coined by Auguste Comete [French] (1838) z Comparison with similar subjects: Psychology oZ]Z]L]]o[Zinternal emotionle sociology deals with observable social orders and interactions between social group; History deals with accounts of events and description while sociology deals with analysis and explanations of certain events; Sociology deals border questions than in Political Science; Social Work is practices of social life while sociology is the scientific study of it; z The Issues of Suicide Social Solidarity (Emile Durkheim [French]): -- 2}[Zoo}Z} ial solidarity is determined by the frequency and intensity which the group interact and the degree to which they share beliefs, values and morals. -- Groups with higher social solidarity have lower egoistic and anomic suicide rates. Facts: -- Men are four times more likely than women to commit suicides; -- Jews commit the fewest suicides; -- Suicide rates of Canada today* z Social structures: relatively stable patterns of social relations; 3 levels: Microstructures (e.g. intimate social relations; ^ZZL2Z}l]Z_ J Granovetter); Macrostructures (e.g. class relations and patriarchy); ~^
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