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Crime and Deviance

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Adam Green

Topic 3 J Crime and Deviances (Week 3 Lecture + NS chp14 + NQ chp23-24) z Deviances: breaking a norm, eliciting a negative reaction from others; Crimes: breaking a law; Difference in the rule-breaking qualities; z Types of deviance and crime by seriousness Measure of seriousness: Consensus crime; 1. how harmful the act in question is deemed to be; Conflict crime; 2. how much agreement there is that the behavior is wrong; Social deviation; 3. the severity of the sanction, or punishment, imposed on Social diversion. that behavior; e.g. 1 Male Initiation Rites in Papa New Guinea -- o}Z]ZK}Z[Zo}}8 -- ^oo}Ko[ZZK8 e.g.2 1992 Nova Scotia Mine Disaster (26 death); -- who has the main responsibility? The mine owner? -- In Canada, there are 40% more deaths in industrial accidents than in homicide; Are these Crimes? The Definition of Crimes are not by intrinsic natures of the acts, but how society define those acts. Power is crucial in constructing the structure of crime & deviances Power the ability to carry out his or her own will despite
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