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Crime and Deviance

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Adam Green

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SOC103F1 t A. Green. Notes edited by Eva Wu
Topic 3 t Crime and Deviances (Week 3 Lecture + NS chp14 + NQ chp23-24)
z Deviances: breaking a norm, eliciting a negative reaction from others;
Crimes: breaking a law;
Difference in the rule-breaking qualities;
z Types of deviance and crime by seriousness
Consensus crime;
Conflict crime;
Social deviation;
Social diversion.
e.g. 1 Male Initiation Rites in Papa New Guinea
-- o}µZ]u}Z[o}}V
-- ^Áoo}Áuo[uV
e.g.2 1992 Nova Scotia Mine Disaster (26 death);
-- who has the main responsibility? The mine owner?
-- In Canada, there are 40% more deaths in industrial accidents than in homicide;
Are these Crimes?
The Definition of Crimes are not by intrinsic natures of the acts, but how society define those acts.
Power is crucial in constructing the structure of crime & deviances
the ability to carry out his or her own will despite resistance.
z e.g.3 Crimes against women:
-- Áv[}v]]}µ]u]v}o]uVoÁÁv[Çu]ooÇµPZµv]oíõóìV
-- little interests; little data was collected on the issue;
-- rape crimes are systematically defined (married rape; acquaintance rape; simple rape, etc. );
-- rape laws are taught in law school;
-- data on rape crimes, sexual harassment are collected and analyzed;
Why is it changed?
-- men have more power than women, thus men have more power to define crimes.
-- Á}uv[}]o}]]}vP]u}ÀVu}}v}u]v}o]]o]PZV
-- The social definition of crime has changed because of the changing distribution of power between men
and women;
z e.g. 4 White Collar Crime & Street Crime(WC & SC)
White collar crime: illegal acts committed by a person of respectability and high social status;
Street crime: include arson, burglary, robbery, assault, and other illegal acts;
committed disproportionately by people from lower classes.
-- WC costs the society more than SC;
-- WC are rarely convicted/prosecuted;
/ Measure of seriousness:
1. how harmful the act in question is deemed to be;
2. how much agreement there is that the behavior is wrong;
3. the severity of the sanction, or punishment, imposed on
that behavior;
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