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Mass Media

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Adam Green

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Topic 6 t Mass Media (Week 6 lecture + NS Chp 5 + SIQ Chp 10-11)
1) The impact of mass media;
2) Organization of the mass media (who controls it);
3) sociological issue of mass media (how do we receive it);
z Example of Mass Media
e.g.1 American Psycho
-- how people become consumer and victims of the mass media;
-- how the killer and the killed are victims of consumerism;
-- banned when it first came out at 1991
e.g.2 Oprah t the most dangerous woman in the world
-- ^EÁP_Z]vPV}µ}vu]oV^Z]v}]v_
-- Queen of the New Age Guru
-- Shows that mass media is almost like a religion
e.g.3 ^}v[]vlZl}}o-]_
e.g.4 Stats on Media Watching:
-- Mass media in our consumption is an important part of our day-to-day life;
-- Canada: 22 hrs/week on average;
Older viewers watching more than younger viewer;
Female viewers watching more than male viewers
z Mass Media
-- refers to print, radio, TV and other communication technologies;
-- ^mass_: reaches many people;
-- ^media_: no face-to-face interaction; one-way transmitting (few senders, many receivers)
e.g. cellphones are not a media; books are.
-- shaping ideas about yourself; your community;
-- overtime shape your hopes, aspiration; dreams, things that are possible/not possible;
-- powerful input in shaping the habitus;
z History of Mass Media
-- Printing Media dominates the 15th-18th century;
-- 19th Century long distance transmission starts
-- Internet: Arpanet (military technology; hyperlink of image and sounds);
-- WWW only began in 1989 (21 years old);
z Stats on Internet Usage:
-- Internet usage in World Region: North America highest; Africa the lowest;
-- Internet usage and population Density:
-- Global divide of internet usage (digital divide);
-- reflects unequal resources distribution;
-- due to power difference between areas of the world;
z Why Mass Media Grew
1) The Protestant Reformation promoted literacy
-- 16th Century: the public relied on priests to tell them what was on the bible;
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