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Politics and Social Movements

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Adam Green

Topic 9 J Politics and Social Movements (Week 9 lecture + NS Chp 18 + SIQ Chp 20-22) Outline: 1. Revolutions; 2. Social movements; 3. War from sociological perspective; z Revolutions Political Revolution & Social Revolution -- Distinguish between the two. -- Revolutions must include the overthrown of the current ruling government; -- Social revolution includes a political revolution; -- e.g. 1789 French Revolution is an example of a social revolution z Social movement: -- Difference: social movements do not overthrow the current ruling government. -- Rebellion is not a revolution; Two kinds of social movements: 1. State-centered, citizenship movements; 2. Cultural movements; 1. State-centered, citizenship movement. -- Most consequential in changing major politicaleconomic institutions, changing laws; -- e.g. civil rights movement; peace movement; labor movement; abortion rights movements; -- e.g. The United Auto Workers; Martin Luther King & The Black civil rights movements; -- e.g. Rosie ^the Riveter_; Suffrage Movements; ^Stonewall_; PETA; LGBT Rights; -- ZZ}LZ][Z ooZ-centered movement: object of change is for the most part at the state level; not overthrow the existing government, but reform and change it. -- What unites all of them are grievances on the state level.. not to overthrow, but to reform. 2. Cultural movement -- Transformation on the level of the society, -- Not seeking a change in policy on the level of a state, but change in ideas and views of the people and the society; -- e.g. Pro-Anorexia Movement; Lilith Music Fair; -- Generally state-centered movement and cultural movement can be separate, but not always mutual exclusive.
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