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Introducing Sociology182013 40300 PMInstitution eg family certain expectation of a family would look like expectation of behaviors moral consensus relatively stable but changing has to be performed and realized through actions impose conformity to people based on interactionsMost social lives are extremely predictable and familiarMarketmorally indifferent vs family moral expectation Durkheim specialization how in the modern life peoples activities become more specialized How does it change the societyMarx capitalismcommodification a movement towards everything for sell sell rights labor etc Weber rationalizationdisenchantment increasing understanding and control over nature and social life it is comprehensible could be understood miraculous The rise of science Understanding the nature empowers peopleEverybody is the sameHow does the social structure make us behave in certain and different ways Falling makes you a desirable guyAccidentproneness is a social construction our society has a tendency to take risks to challengeSuicide Orderregulation and attachment Women are less dependent on mental health problems Protestants moral codes for individual weaker community Society needs rulebreaking and deviance Crime gives the chance to celebrate the rules and values through punishment Conflictcritical theoryAbout disagreement and imbalanceconflicts Symbolic interactionism How do people make sense to and of each other How to accomplish How do we accomplish interaction symbolically Definition of the situation Before we interact we know the situation first Stigma Secrecy prevents people from stigmatizedIf you know I am a lesbian for instance
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