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Lecture 4

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Lorne Tepperman

Lecture 4Culture and AcculturationCulture Traditionally culture was equated with civilityComes from the latin verb colereto til the soil ie work the land or improve ad refine the land in order to grow cropsIt is the sum total of all products of the human mindCultural products can be o concrete or abstract o individual or collective o material or nonmaterial ie ideasThe controlling effects of culture Even when we have free choice our choice is socially and culturally structuredCulture controls and structures and choices perceptions and opinionsCulture is a choice guidance systemDefines good and bad basic common sense true vs false normal vs abnormal etc o Varies from one culture to another not fixed not inevitableHuman beings are structures in certain directions and there is variation between one social structure to anotherPolitical Connections Culture by controlling us can put power in the hands of those who want to control usDominant ideologyway of thinking that prevails in society rises when culture is influenced by the stayOur society is a market ideologyeverything is for sale priced according to its valueBy influencing morality if influences our behaviourThe maker appropriately sorts people into positions of wealth and power and some into poverty and weakness on the other end Dominant Ideology of our societyThere is a link between the economic marketplace and the social marketplace Cultures vary in what they teach us Often there is conflict between those brought up in different cultures due to different ideascultural confusionIt is often hard to hold culturally relative valueswe tend to be ethnocentricWe tend to believe that the way we view the world is the right wayYou cannot reasonably impose those kinds of standards on other cultures thst 2021 Century been the main motifMoral evolution versus cultural relativism
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