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Topic 1: Introduction to Sociology Introduction to Sociology

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Adam Green

Topic 1IntroductionWeek 1 lectureNS Chp1SIQ123 Sociology the systematic study of human behavior in social context Origin the concept is coined by Auguste Comete French 1838 Comparison with similar subjects Psychology deals with individuals internal emotion while sociology deals with observable social ordersand interactions between social group History deals with accounts of events and description while sociology deals with analysis and explanations of certain events Sociology deals border questions than in Political Science Social Work is practices of social life while sociology is the scientific study of it The Issues of SuicideSocial Solidarity Emile Durkheim French A groups level of social solidarity is determined by the frequency and intensity which the groupinteract and the degree to which they share beliefs values and morals Groups with higher social solidarity have lower egoistic and anomic suicide ratesFactsMen are four times more likely than women to commit suicides Jews commit the fewest suicides Suicide rates of Canada todaySocial structures relatively stable patterns of social relations 3 levels Microstructures eg intimate social relations the strength of weak tiesGranovetter Macros
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