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Topic 2: Socialization and Education Socialization and Education

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Adam Green

Topic 2 Socialization and Education Week 2 LectureNS chp 12SQ chp 4 Socializationthe process of learning culture and becoming aware of yourself as you interact with othersEducationa process of socialization whereby knowledge and cultural knowhow is transmittedeg1Oxana the feral child in France QuestionWhat makes us humanAre we products of our genes or spirit Sociobiology Biological Psychology The role of biology or genes not only count for physical capacities also count for specific social practices and behaviorsie potential for crimesLogic of Sociobiology Identify a supposed universal form of human behaviorMake up a story about why this behavior increases survival chancesAssert that behavior in question cannot be changed eg2Sexual faithfulness Sociobiologists assert that Men are less sexually faithful to their partners than women because of biological differences between sexesRationale According to Darwins evolutionary theory Slides 2 pg5 in order to better survive and compete with other species one has to increase hisher reproduction thus increasing the survival chances Because of the differences between males and females reproduction system
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