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Topic 5: Gender and Sexualities Gender and Sexualities.

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Adam Green

Topic 5GenderSexualities Week 5 lectureNS Chp 4SIQ Chp 27 Instincts Animals VS humansAnimals have stronger instincts more instincts to eat to protect offspringHumans however do not have as strong instincts as animalshuman behaviors are much more complex and socially constructedQ If human sexualsocial life is not determined by instinct what then determines it A Culture Culture Berger and Buckman 1966humans have underdeveloped instinctsculture is the sum of socially transmitted ideas practices and material objects that people createculture gives us guidelines for how to think and actculture is the symbolic system to compensate our lack of instinctsA society exists when people interact and share culture generally in a geographically delimited area Our own culture is hard for us to see aspects of culture that we are blind aboutthere need to be factors outside our culture to help us see our own culture Examples of sex 1 Adam and Eve universally accepted two sexes across all cultures 2 Gwen USborn a male but presented as a female killed because of the intolerance of the society 3 BerdacheTwospirit Natives born male but dressed and perform female roles marry men do chores 4 Hijra India born men but considered themselves as women dress like women remove male reproduction organs and prefer have sex with men 5 Travesti Brazil born male but are very feminists highly value their male reproduction organs proud of being women with penis considered themselves as a third gender not womenIntersexed A person with biological characteristics of both male and females often consisting ofsome combination of male and female genitaliaTransgender A person whose gender identity does not match their birth sexDifference sex is biological while gender is culturalIntersexed is biological while transgender is cultural Ethnocentrism judging another culture exclusively by the standards of ones ownQ Back to Adam and Eve is there only two sexes in the world What determines sex A sex is socially constructedSex as a social construction Human sex is not strictly binary there are other gender possibilities misrecognition of Social Construction VS Nature something universal across the society binary sexes may not be all from natureGENDER AND SEXUALITY ARE SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED
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