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Topic 10: Population and Urbanization Population, Urbanization

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University of Toronto St. George
Adam Green

Topic 11 – Population & Urbanization (NS Chp 15) Three Main Types of Cities: -- Industrial City: began in 19 Century, reaches its peak in the 1920s and 30s; -- Corporate City: arose after WWII; dominates during the 1950s and 60s; -- Postmodern City: from 1970s up to present; Democratic Transition: -- High birth/death rates; -- High birth rates/ low death rates; -- Low birth rates/ low death rates; Industrial Development in Canada: -- Availability of investment capital: The Canada Bank Act of 1871; -- Large numbers of factories along the Great Lakes; -- Building of the transcontinental railroad; -- immigration policy on the Prairies;  the Industrial City Concentric-Zone Model -- Zone 1 (most inner) – CBD: big-money commercial enterprises; -- Zone 2 – Zone in Transition: land for CBD to push outwards; also marginal businesses and cheap housing; -- Zone 3 – Zone of working-class homes; -- Zone 4 – Zone of better residences: middle class; -- Zone 5 – Commuter Zone; Multiple-Nuclei Model -- Criticizes Burgess in his “one central growth”; -- More than one concentration, but many concentrations of specific function; -- e.g. Los Angeles “City without a downtown;” Sector Model -- Criticizes Burgess in his “Concentric Circle” development; -- Cities grew in sectors or wedges along major transportation arteries; -- Like t
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