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SOC103 October 12, 2010 Families nuclear family: is composed of a cohabiting man and woman who maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and have at least one child traditional nuclear family: the wife performs free domestic laour while the husband works outside the home for money. This family form is based on a gendered division of labour very, very important role in changing people and society Idea of tradidional nuclear society criticized by feminists A set of interrelated ideas about the traditional nuclear family, including a) the idea that heterosexuality is normal and morally superior to homosexuality b) that heterosexual monogamous marriage is normal and morally superior to any other kind of family arrangement c) that a womans natural role in life is to bear children in marriage and do the domestic labour of the household; a mans natural role is to provide for and protect his family minority of NA families live in traditional nuclear family in this day and age alternatives - never married, nonmarital cohabitation, voluntary childness, single parent, divorce, remarriage, egalitarian (dual career), extramarital relationships, same-sex relationships, households Functionalism: The Five Functions of Families sexual regulation - society needs boundaries about wherewho you can have sex, marriage regulates sexual activity economic cooperation - combination of man and woman cooperative unit, women do lighter tasks around home since weaker, men are stronger and can do physical tasks for jobs, optimizing everyones time reproduction - before contraception sex usually resulted in birth, children were investment since could support parents when they get old socialization - adults must care and teach children values of society emotional support - family provides haven for emotional support. Parsons - primary function on nuclear family to provide emotional support, woman in charge of emotional well being. man takes on instrumental role ie providing for family nuclear families everywhere based on marriage
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