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Gender and Sexuality

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SOC103 October 19th, 2010 Gender and Sexuality Berger & Luckmann 1966 humans arent programmed for behaviour, dont have as many instincts as animals dogs in packs, know how to hunt and forage from birth human behaviour much more complex if human socialsexual life isnt defined by instincts then what is it defined by we use culture and symbolic systems to guide self through world culture - sum of socially transmitted ideas, practices, and material objects that people create. gives us guidelines to think and act society exists when people interact and share culture, generally in geography delimited area we assume there are only two sexes - male or female. not entirely true, can be intersexed at birth. has combination of male and female characteristics and genetalia transgender - gender identity does not match birth sex or a third gender, neither male nor female idealogies -
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