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Gender & Sexuality
Gwen born as male presented as a female
^form of misrecognition
Two gender system can be thought of an ideology, anyone who deviates the binary system must be
Berdache or Two spirit: were not considered male, not considered female either, part of each,
culture made room for third gender possibility,
Hijra: typically born male act like females, marry men, are fully a hijra by removing their penis
Travesti: born male typically appear quite feminine, injecting silicon to get hips, rarely if ever cut
off their penis, highly value their penis, see themselves not male or female but third gender.
Understanding other cultures is hard because of ethnocentrism
Norms and traditions of other cultures seem different from our own
Adam and Eve: it might seem only male and female is the two sexes, history anthropology tells us
human comes in wide variety of genders, sex its self is a social construction
How do boys learn to become men and women? through socialization, Barbie represent what a
girl should be
40 18 32 …110 pounds
Barbie is impossible among girls
What does Barbie tell us about being a woman? Many wardrobes,
Boys “action figures: particular kinds of roles a man should do, men are to be active ,
aggressive todays GIJOE/Barbie: is impossible
If gender is something we do, than we should think of gender as something we do not something
we are
West & Zimmerman:^
Gofman: man opens door for women, if woman carry heavy item man asks to hold it, in every
interaction we are being assessed, we cannot not be properly be assessed if we are doing our
gender right.
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