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October 12 2010 Families What is family? A source of contention They have leading role of shaping the habitus Different kinds of families: Nuclear family: Traditional family In north American traditional nuclear family is an ideology cause is a set of ideas built in to the concept of tradition Heteronormativity: ideology that we often dont question has there components (slides) 1940-1950s: Only minority of American adults live in these forms of families, new families have erupted Conservative argument: decline of nuclear traditional families have benefitted men women and children, economic and political views Rise of working women Functionalism : For any society to survive, there are five functionalist a family must do: sexual regulationrefer to slides George Murdas : 1940s Nuclear family is known family for society in every society, saw that nuclear family was based on marriage Sexual Regulation: why ? In orderly social life is impossible without sexual regulation, marriage prescribes sexual activityif we didnt have this everyone would screw everyone Economic Cooperation: Women weaker than men, tasks include cooking, cleaning, laundry, men like superior work, specialize lumbering, land clearing, house building, this division of labour enables more goods and services to be produced, optimizing time Reproduction: before contraception sex often enough results in birth, functionalist: children do chores, economic value matures, parents become old support parents Socialization: investment in children, teaching children rules, skills, religions
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