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SOC103H1 Lecture Notes - Travesti, Transfeminine, Transmasculine

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Alexandra Zylka
October 19th, 2010
SOC103H1F – Gender and Sexuality
Lecture Notes
Berger and Luckmann 1996
oHumans have “underdeveloped Instincts”
oHumans require symbolic systems to compensate for lack on
oFemale dog has a maternal instinct –when she is fertile she will
let out an odour.
oHuman behaviour on a whole is much more complex than
oIf human sexual life, social life is not determined by our instincts
then what determines it?
Because humans are not hardwired, we used culture or
symbolic systems as a way of making sense of guiding
ourselves through the world.
oCulture is the sum of socially transmitted ideas, practices, and
material objects that people create.
oCulture gives us guidelines for how to think and act.
oA society exists when people interact and share culture,
generally in a geographically delimited area.
oAdam and Eve
oWe assume two sexes exist wherever human beings exist –
nothing culturally specific about Adam and Eve
oA person with biological characteristics of both males and
females, often consisting of some combination of male and
female genitalia.
oA person whose gender indentity does not match their birth sex
oSome transgender people present as either male or female, while
others present as a third gender, neither male nor female.
oTransmasculine, Transfeminine –defy binary gender system
oHuman gender may not be binary across all people in all places.
Anyone that deviates from the binary gender system must be sick,
mental, deviant (depending on socializing agend)
Berdache or Two Spirit
oNative American, third gender.
oBorn a man, dress as a woman and perform womanly tasks.
oThey were part female, part male.
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