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SOC103 lecture on mass media

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Alexandra Zytha October 26 , 2010 SOC103H1F – Mass Media Lecture Notes ( go look at slides insert graphs)  Impact of Mass Media on us o American Psycho (based on Novel) o Everyone is a victim of consumerist mass media  The Power of Oprah – The Power of Media o Is she the most dangerous woman in the world? o Every author on Oprah’s tv show has had a newyork times best seller.  Is Mass Media in some ways a new Religion?  Canadian TV Watching o On average, Canadians watched about 22 hours of tv per week in 2003, with older viewers watching more than younger people.  International Ranking : o Top: United Kingdom and US. o Bottom: Norway, Sweden.  The media is a very powerful input of shaping the habitus  Mass Media: o Refer to print, radio, tv and other communications technologies. o Mass implies that the media reach is many people. o Media signifies that communication does not take place directly through face to face interaction. o Instead, technology intervenes or mediates in transmitting messages from senders to receivers o Furthermore, communication via the mass media is usually one way, or at least one sided. o There are a few senders (or producers) and many receivers (audience members)  1800, took a month for news from Halifax to reach Toronto. o 1850, it took a week. o Now, it takes seconds.  1969 – Arpanet–communication between computers o Internet grew out from this military project  Internet Use by World Region, June 2007 o US/Canada, Australia etc, Europe, Latin America.  Why did mass media grow so quickly? o The Protestant Reformation promoted literacy  Martin Luther, The Bible became the first mass media product of the West. o Democratic movements promoted mass involvement  18TH century on, democratic countries, wanted to become literate and gain access to previously restricted areas of learning. o Capitalist industrialization promoted the search for profit.  Mass media has begun a big business. o One of the most important  How do sociologists explain the effects of mass media on society? o Theories 1. Functionalist – coordination, socialization, social control, entertainment 2. Conflict – legitimation of injustice and inequality, source of profit 3. Symbolic Interactionist - audience interpretation 4. Femin
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