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SOC103 lecture on politics and sociology

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Alexandra Zylka November 30 , 2010 SOC103H1F – Politics and Sociology Social Movements 1. State-Centered and Citizenship Movements a. Civil rights movements, peace movements, enviro movements, abortion rights movements, labour movements 2. Cultural Movements a. Literary movements, artistic movements, musical movements  Central task for a sociologist in this section is to determine why, how and when such movements etc. occur. • 4 Theories of Social Movements 1. Social Psychological Theories – the emphasis on the madness of people, not the society. Those who are most deprived they will reach a certain threshold where they simply cannot take it anymore. Relative deprivation left many social movement cases unexplained. a. Emotional instability b. Deprivation 2. Resource mobilization theory a. Dominant pyridine for sociological movements for about ten years 1. What is a Resource? a. Access to networks of influence and power b. Access to social organizations with influence and power c. Access to financial resources d. Legislative report b. Womens Movement of the 60s and 70s. i. Movement in which of our generation that our women are benefitting from. ii. We take all the benefits from the women that came before us (Post- Feminist) c. Grievances with resources that women acquired = provision for necessary conditions for the rise of the modern women’s movement. d. Modern Women’s Movement i. White middle-class women gained direct access to money and higher education ii. Some women from the New-Left movement were politicized and tapped into activist networks iii. Equal Pay Act of 1963, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (produced by the EEOC) iv. Movement led middle class. 3. Cultural theories a. Ideological and cultural factors act independent of resources to shape the onset and development of social movements. b. Movements can be generated by a “demonstration effect” whereby one group becomes politicized as a consequence of witnessing another group’s struggle. 1. Homosexuality = sickness 2. The Tormented Lesbian 3. 1950s – Lesbian Cures a. Dr. Arthur Guy Mathews cures lesbians by hiring a fashion expert to teach makeup and hair styling (1957) b. Mattachine Society – well dressed and well-manicured. Wanted
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