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University of Toronto St. George
Bush Taa

Professor Busha Taabushataautorontoca thJanuary 10 Intro to sociology SP1 thJanuary 17 Material Settings SP2thFeb 7 Test March Test Tepperman Starting PointsIntroduction What is sociology Macrosociology and microsociology and sociological imagination Understand three key theoretical paradigmsSociologysystematic study of societies y 1 Types of people o Kind of people o The way they interact o Interacting with each other y Types of relationships o Interaction is having a relationship o Relationship of attitude o Daytoday reality o How people depend on each other y Types of groupso Haves and havenots o How they depend on each other from which group to which group o Advantaged and disadvantages groupsy 2Social behaviour o Studies through human experiences o Cultures socialization ethnicities etcy 3 Social institutions o Social institutions are organized structures involving various social relationships to solve social problems o A relatively stable shared pattern of behaviour based on relatively stable values o Meets peoples most important need eg for order belief and reproduction o It includes the structural components through which most needs are met law religions and families o There can speak of family as a social institutionDifferent types of institutions with different types of responsibility
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