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14 Feb 2011

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SOC103 WEEK 9NOV 23RD, 2010
Why are people religious?
Karl Marx
On religion: It is the opium of the people.
His argument is that the people are drawn to religion in order to anesthetise themselves
from oppression and all misdeeds of life.
People have become less religious. But the belief that God controls things and intervenes
things and stuff like that remains.
Divine Control
God has a determinative influence on an individuals faith. Our faith comes from what God
has in store for us. Involves many characteristics to God. He/she is our Father/ Mother.
We have a personal relationship with God.
God has explicit expectations of each of us and we all have a relationship with him.
Some of the most benign feelings, events are divinely controlled, we believe that God plays a
role in our daily life.
SES= Socioeconomic Status, usually includes ones yearly income and the amount of
education they attained. The operalization of class in sociology.
Deprivation- Compensation Thesis
oIndividuals in disadvantaged socioeconomic conditions are more likely to
be religious in order to compensate for their plight and acquire otherwise
unattainable rewards
oPeople who have low SES also derive greater psychological benefits from
being religious. Religion has a positive effect on mental health.
Demytholgization Thesis
oAs you get more education and move up economic ladder, you tend to be
less religious and not accord God to daily life things. Higher socioeconomic
status diminishes the belief in the supernatural mythological orthodoxy of
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