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Sociology lecture 2 Demography studies the distribution of people the composition of the population studies changes and the causes of the changes Lecture 2 recording kiranarorautorontocaLife today in the developed world 6 of the people who were ever born over the entire course of human history are alive todayA result of what ppl have sometimes called a population explosionMost ppl live in communitiesPeople adapt to living in communities of widely varying sizesPeople desire food air water many thingsFactors that affect societys population o Fertility o Migration o MortalityPopulation growth continues to be an issue 2 opposing viewsPopulation size matters o On the negative side a large population puts more pressure on the natural environment than a small population doesMore pplless food MarxistProblem technologyExtraction of mineral resourcesclimate change o On the positive side a large population is also more likely to invent new technologies and develop new ways of producing food wealthMore ppl a larger resource a capacity of development of new technologies o The living standards will decrease if there are too many pplEveryone using the same subway station competing for seats transportation Rapid population growthOften countries with the most rapidly growing populations are the poorest and least educated o There are 2 billion ppl in the world who lack sufficient watermostly in developing countries o They have to compete with the developed countriesRising population and urbanization raises questions about the effect of human life on the natural environmentThe domestication of animalsAgriculture is the source of population growth industrialization and human stability Poverty o The problem persists they are not using their resources properly
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