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Busha Taa

SOC103H1Lecture One January 10 2012Jieun LeeSome exam is solely from textbookCheck exam details on syllabusHistory and develop of sociologyMacrosociology Microsociology sociological imaginationUnderstand three key theoretical paradigmsSociology the systematic study of societies study of characters cultures Types of people the kind of people beliefs energy lifestyle way they interact with each other relationships that influences attitude daytoday realities how people relate to each other is depended upon each other for good or bad Types of relationshipsTypes of GroupsHaves and HavenotsSocial Behaviours Social InstitutionsFormal definition of a social institutionSocial institutions are organized structures involving various social relationships to solve social problemsA relatively stable shared pattern of behaviour based on relatively stable valuesMeets peoples most important needs eg for order belief reproductionIt includes the structural components through which most needs are met laws religions and familiesTherefore can speak of the family as a social institution There is no society without institution All institutions have a common denominator similarity all occupy a stateterritory ie school factory have a leader perpetual live forever ie a family lives forever it perpetuates it breathesinstitutional behavioursvalues ie U of Ts institutional behaviour is completely different from Yorkall have structuresorganizational structure most change with time no organizationstructure stays forever as it is because as society changes institution must change with societySocial InstitutionDef social institutions are stable patterns of behaviour created and maintained through social interactionHerbert Spencer argued that institutions are like plantsThey require weeding and wateringMust grow graduallyMarx All institutions are machines of oppression
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