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Lecture 7

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Busha Taa

SOC103 Lecture 7 ReligionsMarch 6 2012 It conveys words of God that are written in holy books we rely on it Seek it to address our emotional feelings It feels gaps that are associated with anomie doubts we have in mind Gives our lives meaning and purpose To be a religious personbe an ethicalmoral person Why are their sufferings then How should these be addressed Theodicy omnipresence of God to evict feelings of evil from humanity Evil is a practical problem If we are believers why do we face such problems Why doesnt God help us It is an attempt to justify why supernatural forces allow suffering Religion is always about community building it provides centre for worship teaching help children learn basic skills support people in need gives care for sick and weakit brings people together who believe in their community Sociology of ReligionSociologists are concerned with how humans enact religious beliefs how religious and social institutions intersect and what role religious institutions play in society It is impossible to verify testify about God Durkheim Religion is all about social solidarity Religious congregations are all about making opportunity for group relationships Also the origin of religion is social People live in community can share common sentiments hold collective cautiousness Sociologists are interested in how people act on their religious beliefs Who controls the religious process Also interested in relationships between religious and social institutions Marx pg 366
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