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Busha Taa

SOC103 Lecture 5 Feb 14 2012Family is a durable institution refuses emotional gratification a refuge for safety and protectionFamily is not what it used to be before it is a set of social relationships that change with time There are some things that cannot change1 Family continues to reproduce2 Families continue to be agents of socialization3 They continue to provide safety for their members 4 They will be important elements of society If there are changes in family dynamics how can we understand different types of families1 Nuclear family basic family unit very small unit separate from kinshipnot extendedmultiple groups throughout has father mother children that live together in the same building and size is small INDEPENDENT FAMILYOnce havingmore children was a source of pride means of owning propertyWhy do these changes occur in family Economic situation people cannot raise as many children as they used to Because now punishment is considered taboo children are considered autonomous in their own right Parental authority has declined over children In some cultures there is payment for the bride that is now disappearing2 Extended family INTERDEPENDENT FAMILY Share same residence and resource 3 Census familymarriedin cohabitation for more than one yeardoesnt include aunts uncles cousins
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