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15122012 211100Lecture 10 Qualitative Researchpage 2 when researchers go out in field to do observation and is a multi method but we will talk about field research observing in a natural habitatdavid snow conducted a study of homeless individuals and wanted to know the aspects of street life by homeless individuals perception so the researcher acted as a homeless and went to observeso the researcher wrote down his field notes thus as he was collecting his observation he noticed themes to arisethis example given is field research and are tuned in to what is going on and not doing casual observation Field research is inductive since you observe and gather patternsyou are using non probability sapling because of the nature of the study 113complete participantthey go undercover and dont tell anyone just go into the situation like the example of Humphrey is sex with men who participated this person is living the member of the group they are studying complete observer they study the process and do not get involved at all like going into the mall and observing people go about their daily lives it is passive and it is not purposely intruding into their lives like eavesdropping and people do not know they are being studied there are issues with the complete participantit would not be voluntary since the people being observed do they know about the situation since if you do not do a good job at disguising the confidentiality will be breached Buy why do researchers do this So that people being researched do not change their behaviors reactivity because this can create a change of events Ethical issues in complete observerit keeps a proper distance from the researcher and it does not put the researcher in risk however what if they are doing illegal activities Going native when the researcher goes into the lifestyle gets so involved and loses their objectivity When you forget that there is a line in between participating and actually living the life for example a research study on observing police officer and the officer was arresting and officer said you hold this guy and I will go get the other guy and the researcher threatened the guy This is going native where he should have told the cops that no I would not participate Sometimes researchers take the moderate position by being the moderate participant observer where they state they are a researcher but participates but there are ethical issues with this like the researcher can go native reactivity There is no right or wrong answer on what research you take but it depends on the question and the context that it is being taken place114 how d you relate to your subjectsYou have to flip back and fourth and when they state to keep it simentanously the prof has a hard time to how you can do this Good distance There is no right or wrong answer if someone is asking you for money and you are the field researcher do you lend that money since you need to keep your distance What is the appropriate relationship There is no right or wrong answer but you need to be aware of this 116 1 LEARN ABOUT THE TOPICthere are different perspective about how much you should indulge in the literature yourself Look at the homeless study is there was a lot of research done before hand there would have not been those themes to come grounded theory 2 where are you going to do your researchaccessible is it a setting you are familiar The setting is based on convenient 3 gain accesswe want to study homeless in Texas so how we do that By getting informantsomeone who can open the door of community for you or someone familiar with the field So when you find them also understand that they have mixed point of view so what they give may seem like facts but they may be their subjective point of view Gatekeepers can also be informal This is non probability sampling 4 explain the purpose of your study 5 record observation 6 analyze data 7 Leave the field 117 recordingwhat are issuesDo not rely on your memoryJotting writing key notes that you will go home and write it out in more detail You would want to do this when you have time depends on your research technique So jotting you write during the day and than go home and write down the detailed notes which can be lengthy What do we observe Both what you observed word being said actions relationships being noticed and the setting Some people use a map to show who was where to jog memories You also want to write your interpretation of it Do you feel it is a calm situation but note to write down which is empirical observation and which one is you interpretation Write down as much as you can to later conceptualize what is the most important 118 grounded theory is an approach scholars can take in qualitative and is inductive approach It means you start with data collection and observe certain themes to be arising and start to develop hypothesis do more observation and than refine your theoriesWhen you come to use this theory you do not want to come in by researching before
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