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Logic os SOC Inquiry week 2covers ch 1 2 3The practice of social researchhow to do researchSOC is DIFF from SCI where u can test anything fixedgrounded researchlibrary books read what PPL suggests and read the debates must know what PPL r talking aboutby UNDERST the major ideas u can start to contribute ur ideas to the GR the INRO most IMP part of a journalbookcoz it gives you a motivation to read the workLamonedont worry about how to define what en athicity is by looking at the boundary I can see whether u belong to that GR or notsuggested there is much limitation herenow Ill INTRO a DIFF way for you to understand research thought about as a PHL to think about issues thinking evaluation considering factorsthis can help us BUT need to show whether thinking is correct or not theorieswhen we do the research u must prepare to HOW to test what you wanna do a theory must have a way of being tested go outtalk to PPL thru interaction to find out what they think about an issue techs or STA that helps us understand patternsideas going on in the SOC worldOutline looking 4 reality wanna find out whats the reality of the SOC world ordinary human inquiryhow do we find out uses of SOC research foundations models deduction VS induction how SCI worksLooking for reality understanding reality is complicated must separate reality in DIFF segments to understand BIO SCI SOC SCIabout the SOC world etc 60sstrong distinction between disciplines but now we realize IMP of interdisciplinaryunderst the SOC world needs a broad perspective SCI criteria logicalthe logic we learn in eg school is fundamentalis IMP for us to formulate research make sure what we propose is logicalconsistent holes in argumentcant be found easily if theres logic empiricalwhat u propose can be tested with data in the real world
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