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Lecture 3

week 3 lec

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University of Toronto St. George
Eric Fong

next lec not meeting here have Tutorial Sydney smith hall N 8 6CH 4research designresearch involves 1 ID research Q 2 determine collection methods 3 develop hypotheses 4 run analysis eg interview people 5 write reportsteps of doing research remains the same today despite new TECHwhat kinda research do I wanna do Exploratoryfind out a little more about one subject Descriptivewhat happened where whenExplanatory explain to PPL why X occurs 1 ideographic approachinterviewing PPL getting indepth understanding of what happened case study is not probabilistic 2 nomothethic approach based on probability used by a lot of the SOC SCI soc worls is usually not very deterministic just a probabilistic REL use terms like more likely or less likely to occur than if u study hard you WILL GET a good gradeINDs are rationalfacing DIFF circumstanceseven in same SIT we might come up with DIFF solutions so we cannot say when all these circumstances occur this IND will do like this explanation is many about cause of REL when a occurs b will follows POS RELwhen this occur the other factor is more likely to followhigh level of EDU leads to more income NEG RELif one variable occurs most likely it decrease the opportunity of the other event to occur eg if u have a higher lewel of EDU u will usually have a lower level of prejudiceLinear REL 1 level of EDU increase and ull have 1000 dollars more eg salary increases rapidly in the beginning but past a certain age it doesnt increase that muchrapid increas
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