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Lecture 4

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Eric Fong

Soc research how things are and why aggregatedvariable logical GR of attributes eg gender education predujice attributes male female educated or uneducated prejudiced or unprejudiced independent variable determines the dependent variable the cause dependent variable the effect quantitative data and qualitative datasocial theory helps us to explain what we see concepts are used in theories are abstract elements hypothesis specify the meanings of all the variables in the study eg social class what do you MEAN by soc classalso define how to measure it eg operationalize it by FAM income induction discovering principles from specific observation from fact to theory deduction apply theory to a particular case to see if theory explains this case ethical issuesbring no PHY EMO harm the shortcoming of the study research design determine what to observe and analyze explain why we study THIS subject what is the importance 3 types of research1 exploratory an une
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