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Alexandra Marin

Soc200h1 Last week paradigms lenses in which we see the social world what q and where we look, not helpful predicting answers ex commuter st or resident students paradigms not specific enough to be useful Plato Aristotle abstract theories Hypothesis what happens particular setting particular time, theory more time and resources will excel at that activity, come to hypothesis not about commuters rich or poor theory flexible but specific enough clear prediction it can make Some name go from boys to girls not any other way, reason boys adoptive of boys less likely given to males not general enough to be theory but turn to theory of middle range when something of high stauts group ass with low high abandon it, postulate things such as sociology being high status, Theory st of interrelated propositions Social science theory has no evidence true or not Bernie Beck trips ass of , basic idea we can make a theory from a finding take finding state it write it down take specific concepts such as people students teacher remove and replace what examples of such as people interact, names instead use thing out of fashion, remove boys and names boys are high status group take concept and replace with something more general from specific to abstract to s
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