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Dance thing wrong because its over generalized and probabilistic
Idea generalize it the to concrete level two predict other things
Burlagrs imprisioned more likely re offend then sim burg sentenced to prob bc they meet
other burgs in prison
More genres of music a music list to the more creative songs he writes r likely rated by
Ppl who live roommates are less likely leave a mess in com spac than ppl who live with fam
Ppl shore more respect to others that they have a close connection to rather than those who
they dont
Pp; who attend church freq have larger social net than ppl who never attend church
Ppl who associate with others who share similar interest tend to have larger social
networks than those who dont
Ppl who are members of a social community have larger social networks
1. Contact with crime culture leasds to an increase in reoffence
Deviants who surround themselves with other devients are more likely to maintain their
bad habits than
2 more sources ones is exposed to the more unique the output would be
3. ppl with weak ties are more likely to be considerate than ppl with strong ties
4. ppl who engage social frequently have larger social networks than those who do not
Cause effect same is tautology making friends you have larger social network
Do u agree with it the statement, ppl live with roommates evlutae true, I think statement
true becaue of iit
Ppl invo;ved in social org have large social networks than those who arent
People who attend school have have larger social networks than those who are
1. ppl who swear others swear continue to swear than those who dont
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