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Alexandra Marin

Unobtrusive measures Unobtrusive not effecting not intervening study social behavior without affecting it, not going out to the fields Main types Analysis of existing stats Content analysis, and the related concept of discouse analysis Historical and comparative research Historian describe events, soc look for patterns Why do it? Ethics concern are miniminal not interacting directly with participant, not causing any harm not interacting directly with people, Good we cant go back in time but study written archieves and articles, if u want u can change not going to runaway, minimal cost unless u have to go somewhere ex paris, Problems with validity and realibilty, but all research pluses and minuses Ex of it, garbage anlaysis going through trash, read diaries of teenagers what they complian or worry about out boys or parents Analyzing existing statistics, Durkheim developed anonimc suicide, consulted officel doc Stats can, euro stat, exploded access to internet find stuff online, work with whats available, confidential things such as hospital not release to any other parties, Cant always work with individual with unit of analysis but aggregates of groups Not commit ecological fallacy, behaoiur group level reflect indi level Sources, gov bodies, other organizations world banck, gallup pulls, sometimes publically sometimes a lot, publishing book sale 5000 papers on report of how many mangaizines sold, stasts can some public some, big archival natnl library, Ex existing statistics, chronic illness, contested illnesses, exist in body or all in head Canadian comm. Health survey all regions etc,
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