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Operationalization, Conceptualization, and Measurement

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Eric Fong

October 19 – conceptualization, operationalization, and measurement Test 1 Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 (pages 35-43 in Chap 2 are not included in the test; look at new book**) 3 parts Multiple Choice True and False – if false, give correct statement Short Answer (general themes/discussions) Terms and Concepts - To generate a common agreement of terms/concepts - The process: conceptualization - End product: concepts - Why do we need common definition of a concept? o Discussion is possible o Knowledge can be accumulated Characteristics of conceptualization - Indicator o Sign of the presence or absence of the concept o i.e. when we think about how many people passed a test, we look at how many people scored above 50 - Dimensions o Grouping o Concepts are refined into different distinguishable concepts o i.e. when thinking of minority groups, we usually think about ethnicity as a way to define; others might disagree and think about religiosity - specification o operational definition to specify how a concept is to be measured Operationalization - Range of variation – (i.e. when studying property value in Toronto, using proper ranges is critical 400k+ top is not the best option) - Dimension – depends on how
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