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Uses of Social Research

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Eric Fong

September 28 Use of Social Research Announcements: TutorialFirst Assignment Due Last Name: N-Z Victoria College 323 Ordinary Human Inquiry Authority o Affect by the status o Disadvantages: Wrong perspective Misuse of authority o Listeners should always have a critical mind sight because these professionals are trained to sell their points and will most likely be biased It should not be taken for granted that these authorities are always correct Use of Social Research Exploratory Research i.e. started to look at how context affects social behaviour Descriptive Research Explanatory Research i.e. started to look at why context affects social behaviour; under what mechanism does context affect social behaviour; method of isolation Foundations of Social Science A scientific understanding of the world must make sense and correspond with what we observe Both are essential and relate to three major aspects of the overall scientific enterprise: theory, data collection, and data analysis o A good theory must include what we know, what we dont know, and how were going to explore that of the unknown When research is carried out, data must be collected and it must be verifieddouble checked to see whether or not the data makes sense (i.e. hours spent doing homework higher marks?) During research, working with colleagues often makes your work before because they may be able to offer you insight that you might not have thought about
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