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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Alexandra Marin

Week 2 Paradigm: • select a topic, focus question > 2 seperate steps • hypotheses- popularity # of smokes (smoking students) then analyze the data • interpret data the way your findings & you want • theory: informs every aspect, measures, impacts how data is interpreted • Kuhn: w/out assumptions, research doesn’t make sense • assumptions can be wrong • so much patchwork results in a mess • when someone challenges ideas knowledge builds cumulatively • Social Sciences: paradigms=lense • impossible to see the world without it • diff lenses give a broader view-> serve different purposes (not lies but useful for diff things) • Structural Functionalism: • social world-system- parts serve the whole • explaining stability but ignores that diff parts have diff system, bad at explaining change • Conflict theory: people’s interests vary and conflict, focuses on how interests vary, works well for explaining change/conflict, not great at explaining stability • Natural Science vs Sociology: assumptions, testable, hard for normative questions • Positivism: truth is out there, Durk Suicide • Interpretivism: everyone has a truth, way people make meaning shapes the world • ^ rely on will methods • Theory: more specific nothing about how well an idea is, what we expect to see in set- tings if the theory is correct • Deduction and Induction: often used to make a theory (gen-specific) • inducti
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