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Charles Jones

SOC201 Lecture 7 Forms of ExplanationCasual explanation when the economy gets bad support for racist farright parties is going to rise eg NazismToday Greeces economy is a messfarright parties are on the rise Independent variable cause is unemployment and the dependent variable effect is support for the farrightIf the farright is rising but there is no change in unemployment how can we say that these things are positively relatedNot logicalChange in point a cannot precede change in point bAnalogy explanation explaining to a child why some people are sometimes bad to one another sometimes like on a school playground children group together and exclude another child which hurts themAs you get older this will happen between adults and sometimes even countriesMaking someone understand something complex by connecting it with the familiar Telling the reader what the concept is not eg sacred vs profane The Young HegeliansTook issue with the conservative religious side of Hegels thoughteg FeuerbachFeuerbach criticizes traditional religionKey message for thinking dialectically is 1 to be alert to the internal complexity of things 2 to be alert to the external relations between things and other things and 3 to treat things as changingEg overhead projector it is made up of different parts magnifying glass flat glass surface etc being in a environmentin contact sitting in a classroom used for university lecture this thing is changing will not last forever parts change Being is becomingHegela cryptic phrase eg the overhead projector its becoming something else some parts may become recycled etcHegel argued that everything should be seen in this wayYoung Hegelians believed Hegel was on the right track Fundamental difference between Marx and Durkheim For Durkheim society is like a body composed of interrelated parts that function together to keep the body goingthe parts ought to be in harmony with each otherMarxs fundamental conception is that society is made up of different parts eg social classes which make up larger systems Marx is incapable of treating rebellion in India in isolation he needs to conceptualize it by talking about Indias place within the global capitalistic systemIn Communist Manifesto Marx talks about the emergence on a workingclass consciousnessincapable of doing this without talking about the relations between the different countries of the world and the effect this has on the consciousness of workersThe dialectic is an abomination to the bourgeoisSays that the bourgeois are trying to pull a wool over our eyes by trying to show the capitalistic system as some how naturalTo think dialectically means to say anything whether it is an overhead projector or the capitalist system is treated with something that has a past therefore has a history but also has a futureCapitalist society will also become something else as well it is not here forever and that permits us to think about the future and to think about alternativesIn this sense the dialectic is an abominationto think dialectically according to Marx is to denaturalize a capitalist systemWhy Because we see it as not only something that has a past but as something that wont be with us forever and once we start thinking that way we start thinking about how we can direct history towards a better possibility rather than a worse one
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